Early bird entry on or before 30 June!     ​     


Who qualifies - Open to all players independently of their rating. All players who lack FIDE rating are required to prove their playing strength by showing an official document issued by their national Federation. Players can enter their tournament according to their current rating.

A Tournament (Elite) -            Elo 1900-2900
B Tournament (Challenge) -   Elo 1600-2000
C Tournament (Rising) -         Elo 0-1700

Players rated between 1900 and 2000 can enter the A or the B tournament. Players rated between 1600 and 1700 can enter the B or the C tournament. The choice must be made at the time of entry and is no longer modifiable, unless the latest rating list places the player in a different tournament.
Please note that we have a cap at 220 players.

Applicable regulation - FIDE and Italian Chess Federation regulations apply.

Pairings - The tournament is a 6-round event, with pairings according to the Swiss System (Dutch variation).

Rate of play - 100’ x 40 moves + 30” increment from move one. Dresden rule does not apply.

Confirming your entry
Your entry needs to be confirmed on July 14. You can do so by sending us an email message by 7 pm with the following subject: 'ENTRY CONFIRMATION'. Please specify the names of all players you wish to confirm. It is also possible to confirm at the venue on July 15, but solely between 8:00 and 8.25 am. No exceptions will be granted. If a confirmation is not received either via email or before 8:25, the pwill enter the tournament on round 2.