Early bird entry on or before 30 June!     ​     

Entries 2016

Participants are required to enter in advance. Please remember that entries will be accepted on a first-come first-served basis (220 places in all) and that they are incremental in time. Entry fees are non-returnable.

On or before 1 July 2016:

  • Adults: € 50 
  • Seniors: € 40
  • U14: € 20 

Between 1 and 13 July 2016:

  • Adults: € 60
  • Seniors: € 50
  • U14: € 30 

Entries close at midnight on July 13. Please only call for information during the allotted time slots (9:30-19:30 no bank holidays).

How to enter the tournament
The most effective way to enter is to use the automatic procedure on this site. All you need to do is create an account by entering all required data (the tax code is only required for Italian citizens, so that you will only need to enter some casual digits to bypass the system's checks), and then select your tournament. The procedure is rather straightforward and you will be able to use user name and password in the following editions. 

At the end of the procedure, you can choose to pay your entry fee by Visa/Mastercard credit card via our secure web server. This is by far the most cost-effective means of payment, as bank charges and red tape are limited to a minimum (total transaction costs amount to € 2,50). You will receive a confirmation of your successful entry via e-mail.

Although more expensive, a bank transfer is also possible. Please do as follows: 

1. Issue payment to: 

ASD Caissa Italia – Via Chiusi 88, 00139 Rome, Italy;
IBAN IT76F0313923901000000119911 
Banca Sviluppo Filiale di Cesena Fiorenzuola - Via Veneto 15, Cesena.
Object of payment: Bergamo 2016 Chess Open - [Tournament name]. 

2. send an email to bergamo@caissa.it with all your data (full name, full address, email, rating, place and date of birth) and proof of payment.

Confirming your entry
You need to confirm your entry on 14 July. The best way to do so is via email. All you need to do is send an email with subject “ENTRY CONFIRMATION”, with the names of the players in the body of the message.
You can also confirm your entry in the playing hall before 8:25 AM on 15 July. Late comers will only be paired for the second round. No exceptions shall be granted.

Multiple entries
If you wish to enter more than one person to the tournament, then you should create separate accounts with different e-mail addresses. It is not possible to enter two different players with a single account.

However, it is indeed possible to make a single bank transfer for more players. Should you opt for this possibility, please remember to send in an email with proof of payment and the names of the players you paid the entry fee for: the data provided y the banks are not always perfect, so that this would be the only way to reconcile payments and players. Also, to avoid any possible doubt, please bring a copy of your receipt with you in the playing hall.


Online registration

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